We have developed a suite of products to support businesses in creating a more diverse and inclusive workplace.

  1. LEADERSHIP: Supporting people in stepping in to their leadership (from the premise that leadership is accessible to everyone)

  2. UPSKILLING: Providing a different set of skills to thrive and manage complexity and difference

  3. SELF AWARENESS: Driving awareness of how we hold ourselves back and how are brains might not always make the best decisions for us

  4. INSPIRE: Providing the impetus for change; showing that there is another way


"THC completed an audit of our data so that we could see how we performed on various diversity measures versus both industry norms and the wider population.  This enabled us to identify where we wanted to focus our efforts and also showed us where meaningful data was currently not available.  Most importantly is has given us a benchmark so that we can now track progress over time.  The qual research opened up the eyes of the senior team to some of the real challenges that exist in the organization. Finally we have taken on a D&I Manager as a result of this research, and as recommended by Roxanne".
Tracy de Groose, CEO Dentsu Aegis

“I found the workshop incredibly useful and I think it should be seen as an essential part of leadership and people management training for Account Directors and above.. There are clear benefits in adopting a more inclusive and diverse way of thinking and working that should be supported and rewarded. People are essentially our point of difference and building effective teams requires the ability for people to feel included and valued whatever their situation and managers need to lead by example”.
Luisa Cameron, Head of Digital, Vizeum

Rox created a completely safe space for us to support each other and feel supported, I was bowled over by her skill and sensitivity in this. She also led the agenda, being flexible and responsive to the energy and feelings in the group, but never losing focus or a sense of purpose.  The layers of process were revealed carefully over the two day course, with preparation and feedback built in.  Rox is a powerful combination of real world leadership experience, well developed and technical coaching skills and a truly sensitivity and intuitive approach.  Her work around inclusivity is capable of being the catalyst for the people and organisations who want to make a difference and be game changers".
Jessica Stockford, Business in the Community

"This course was one of the most useful 2 days of my professional life, helping me bridge the massive jump from senior management to leadership".
Sarah Beauvallet, Managing Director, Santander

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