Tim is a performance coach and facilitator, working with individuals and teams in the creative, marketing and communications sectors. His driven style is loved by men and women alike. Tim works closely with several gender parity and diversity initiatives to bring specialist support to the innovative processes that are emerging in the field and is a Fellow of the RSA specifically relating to his work in these areas. He has also created bespoke processes for utilising diverse teams effectively, creating inclusive collaborative environments.


After University, Tim started his career in the film and television industries but quickly transitioned to music. After a brief spell as an artist Tim moved into creative talent and project management working with global artists for leading record labels and then independently as a career manager. He grew a reputation for being able to nurture talent and accelerate songwriters and artists into award winning firebrands which he credits firstly, to the work he did to grow his clients as individuals over any other business achievements. In 2011 he decided to focus solely on talent growth and trained as a performance coach, quickly becoming a fixture in advertising and media industries. In the last 6 years Tim has worked for leading agency talent across all verticals including creative, strategy and executive functions. He has worked with clients deemed to be high fliers or future stars as much as those deemed to be struggling or underperforming.


Tim’s specialism is in designing and realising growth plans that are tailored to each client. By quickly identifying strategies that speak directly to the capabilities of an individual or team achieves high levels of committed engagement and performance. Inclusion is high on Tim’s agenda and he is always looking for new and innovative ways for people to operate with this in-mind.

Personal Style

Tim’s style is energised, but warm. In understanding that his clients are often facing tough challenges ahead, he is a formidable partner to face the terrain with. As a husband and parent of two young children, he is able to merge the often daunting nature of career management with the importance of life balance.


“It's very difficult to quantify just how effective Tim is as a coach because superlatives don't do his work justice. From the end of our first meeting together, Tim identified truths about me that I didn't realise about myself. After that, I really felt that I could trust him and was impressed by his commitment as well as no nonsense approach to getting results. Over a 3 month period, we worked closely together to help me tackle underlying issues as well as develop key leadership skills. Tim is relentless and laser like in his approach. He wills you to succeed and works you hard to get there. If you need help getting to the next stage in your professional development, Tim is the go-to man. And I won't hesitate to use his services again in the future.”  


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