Here you can read a selection of testimonials from across our various products and services, demonstrating the positive impact we have had on our clients. 


"I feel more empowered because I understand myself better but I also have a tangible plan in place which will help get me to where I want to be. I have also been able to develop a more reflective and self aware outlook which has already benefited me hugely and I have no doubt will continue to do so for a long time to come.”


“My coach has been an invaluable support from me on returning to work and made the process much easier to cope with and helped me to adjust. Not only is she brilliant at what she does, she is also absolutely lovely and made me feel very comfortable from the outset. I wanted you to know how much it has helped me in the hope that other women will have the opportunity to be supported by her."


"The Daring Way™ workshop is probably the most insightful and valuable 2 days of personal development you could possibly invest in. As a former board-level sales director and now as a specialist leadership coach & sales trainer building my own business, I wasn’t sure how much I could really learn. Yet since Roxanne’s workshop, I’ve already felt braver in my approach to my business; far less inhibited by the ‘what ifs’ and the comparisons. My mind has become calmer, my conversations more satisfying (and easier) and I’ve felt a significant shift in my confidence and happiness - both professionally and personally.”


"Brené Brown's methodology gives a creative and robust framework to work around and address powerful human emotion and issues around behaviour in relation to leadership. Rox created a completely safe space for us to support each other and feel supported, I was bowled over by her skill and sensitivity in this. She also led the agenda, being flexible and responsive to the energy and feelings in the group, but never losing focus or a sense of purpose. Rox is a powerful combination of real world leadership experience, well developed and technical coaching skills and a truly sensitivity and intuitive approach."


“It was one of the best launch meetings we’ve had as a Supply team, particularly the presentation from our facilitator which was so thought provoking. The subject of resilience and managing emotions is so relevant at the moment and it was great to go into more detail about the topic. There were so many things discussed in that presentation that really resonated with me."


"This was our first Unconscious Bias workshop and most people were not sure how we would benefit from it. But Roxanne made it feel very business focused and therefore highly relevant. It was a genuinely insightful session and stimulated exactly the sort of discussion and debate that this topic needs. We came away with some great ideas and the motivation to put them into action.”


"The diversity and inclusivity workshop was a great eye-opener to the unconscious bias we all need to be aware of. It was incredibly interesting to consider the real business case for inclusivity – from having a better understanding of our client’s diverse audiences to shaking up our working practices to deliver a more innovative product. Don’t dismiss this as a course just for the vocal feminists or ‘PC brigade’ – its content has a far greater reach, making you think about how your small unconscious actions could alienate individuals in your team, reducing their motivation and increase churn.”


"This course gives tangible techniques to be more authentic in living life. It made me think about actions I have been using to cope and how they have been hindering my progress. It was unexpectedly relevant to many areas of my life that I would not have previously considered and has significantly changed the way I approach new decisions. Rox is a talented moderator who is able to tease out the deep unacknowledged emotion without feeling pushed.”


"I found it so thought provoking - how despite the ongoing inequalities that at least we are talking about it and fighting for change whereas men are probably struggling with all the change that is going on around them...and how we should support them in enabling change so that in turn things can improve for everyone. As a mother as well I was made very aware of how my actions and communication will impact my daughter. I am still processing it all and how I can apply this thinking in my day to day...thank you so much for putting on the event.”


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