Sonia Calvo


Sonia is a challenging, curious, intuitive and versatile coach.  She works with executives in global corporations to develop potential, increase performance, enhance leadership skills and create sustainable change. 

Sonia is fascinated in exploring what makes people tick, bringing out the best in them and discovering what they have to offer. She is passionate about working with people who want to have a bigger impact in their lives and supporting them in finding ways to have that impact.

Sonia specialises in: improved productivity / work life issues / effective leadership / enhanced communication / burnout - overwhelm - stress / increased confidence and self esteem / time management skills / conflict resolution / business start ups and growth. 

Sonia is certified to administer the Leadership Circle Profile, a 360 assessment leadership effectiveness tool.

Sonia is also a Certified Daring Way Facilitator - Candidate, working one on one with groups in the work of Brené  Brown.


“Sonia is a natural and perceptive coach. She has raised my awareness and enabled me to interact more effectively with my colleagues and to achieve a better balance and understanding in a demanding and high-pressured work environment.” Director of International Content

“I was often feeling overwhelmed by my workload and I tended to focus very much on what I wasn’t achieving. Sonia helped me to look at my successes, celebrate them and see how I could replicate success in the future. The confidence I developed, helped me step up and be more proactive in my role, which in turn turned into a promotion.” Fundraising Manager