Sonia is a certified co-active coach, facilitator of the Daring Way™ work and facilitator of the Leadership Circle Profile. Sonia is a challenging, curious, intuitive and versatile coach. Sonia is fascinated in exploring what makes people tick, bringing out the best in them and what they have to offer. She is passionate about working with people who want to have a bigger impact in their lives and supporting them in finding ways to have that impact.


Sonia worked previous to becoming a coach across various industries including law, management consultancy and in the not-for profit sector and her experience ranges from managing people, managing high level accounts and teams offering support with their systems, PR, marketing and event planning.  In 2010 Sonia began her coach training and has been coaching ever since. Her clients include leaders, managers, creative, entrepreneurs, business owners, lawyers, bankers, scrum masters, writers, non-profit executives, healthcare professionals, and other coaches.


Executive and personal coaching: improved productivity / work life issues / effective leaders / enhanced communication / burnout - overwhelm - stress / increased confidence and self-esteem / time management skills

Personal Style

Sonia is an extremely knowledgeable, reliable, natural and perceptive coach. Sonia has a natural warmth and genuine desire to want to help and support her clients. Sonia is very good at challenging you in a completely sensitive way.  By creating a safe environment, Sonia is very encouraging in supporting her clients be open, vulnerable and work through their barriers.

“Sonia's coaching style is one where she gets to understand the challenges that a person is facing very quickly and then to build a very high trust with the person. She is a very calming influence and gets you to think very deeply about yourself and life. Already in a short space of time I've had so many "wow" moments that have made me sit back and reflect. She has also armed me with a wealth of tools that I know will make a difference to me now and in the long term.”


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