Roxanne Hobbs


Roxanne is the founder of The Hobbs Consultancy, which was born out of a sense that corporations must be able to do more to support women through key transitions in the workplace.  Working at Managing Partner level in the media industry, she saw for herself the challenges that women face – specifically in the step up in to leadership and also through maternity.

Roxanne is a Daring Way™ Facilitator – having travelled to Texas in 2014 to be trained by the Daring Way™ team.  She facilitates 2 day intensives designed to support individuals in showing up and being truly seen in the workplace.


"(Roxanne's) style was very warm and open encouraging a safe and trusting environment... The Daring Way workshop was a thought-provoking, sometimes scary, emotional, but more than anything potentially life changing.  Roxanne’s guidance and facilitation was supportive as well as positively challenging." Manisha - Driven Woman 

It’s best summed up in saying it was the best single hour of developmental work I think I’ve ever had! Considering she’d never met me before and the amount of content I’d asked her to cover in my brief she stretched the hour to touch on each and every part of it as well as give me a lot of food for thought to take away with me. Fantastic.” Head of Dept, media industry, London via NABS Working Parents programme.