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We are on a mission to transform the workplace via inclusivity.

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Everybody should be able to bring their whole selves in to the workplace and to be valued for that. This mission started with a belief that workplaces must be able to do better at retaining female talent. And that through the retention of that female talent, workplaces would become more collaborative and inclusive places to be.

We believe that women have their own natural feminine style. We work with women to help them identify this authentic voice and make a step change in their careers. We believe that a happy and balanced family life can be combined with a successful and fulfilling career - for both men and women.  More recently we've realised that just focusing on women is the antithesis of inclusivity and we want to support all individuals in showing up as themselves, breaking free of stereotypes and stepping in to their authentic leadership. 

The Hobbs Consultancy was founded by Roxanne Hobbs.  "I offer coaching, consultancy and training all with the ambition of making the workplace a more inclusive environment.  I live in Hackney with my husband, two young boys and a crazy puggle.  I am a certified coach (CPPC ACC) and received my coaching accreditation from the internationally renowned Coaches Training Institute (CTI) - the first and largest in-person training school in the world, and the first organisation to be accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF).  I am also a certified Daring Way™ facilitator.  Previously, I worked for 12 years in the media industry reaching Managing Partner level at a top 10 media agency"