All of our coaches are CTI trained and certified (CPCC) and accredited by the ICF (ACC).  We all use the co-active model and are in regular supervision, yet also have different specialisms and niche interests. 

One of the very first things we would do together is a free chemistry session so you can get to know us and how we work.

Roxanne Hobbs

Roxanne is the founder of The Hobbs Consultancy.  She has an advertising industry background and is passionate about driving transformation in the workplace via diversity and inclusivity.

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Lisa Westbury

Lisa's background is in corporate communications and organisational change.  She is a strong advocate for enabling people to bring more of their true selves to work, and choose how to effectively balance their time and energy.

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Dorit Noble

Having Energy = ability to work. An award-winning trainer and certified coach, Dorit's work in corporate wellbeing brings the knowledge of the body, energy and health to business.  Dorit believes that the body is key to personal power, engagement and leadership.  Dorit coaches women in leadership in how to slow down in stressful situations, how to command more presence with their teams and how to foster team play and build strong relationships at work.

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Sonia Calvo

Sonia works with executives in global corporations to develop potential, increase performance, enhance leadership skills and create sustainable change.  She is passionate about working with people who want to have a bigger impact in their lives.

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Hannah Massarella

Hannah's experience in the not for profit sector has created a deep seated belief that self development is a necessity and not a luxury, particularly if you want to drive change. She is particularly interested in helping female leaders explore their vision, purpose and values.

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Jessica Stockford

Jess Stockford has worked for over 10 years coaching, recruiting and training business people as they move into board positions as trustees and Non-Executive Directors in the not for profit sector. Focussing on governance roles in the creative and cultural space she has strong networks across the social enterprise, voluntary and beyond profit sector.

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Derek Appau

Derek has made the transition from helping companies raise awareness about their brands and services using media, to helping individuals raise awareness of themselves and what they are capable of achieving in their lives or within the workplace.

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