Lisa Westbury


Lisa helps women to discover their focus and unlock their own flavour of creativity. As a certified co-active and career transition coach, she offers a warm and encouraging space in which women can clarify their career ambitions and impact, improve confidence and work out how to make a difference. Lisa is a strong advocate for enabling people to bring more of their true selves to work, and choose how to effectively balance their time and energy.

 Lisa hasn’t entirely left her history in Corporate Communications and organisational change behind. No man or woman is an island - and in creating a better impact, the quality of their communication, relationships and collaborations count as much as their individual abilities. Lisa believes developing positive relationships is an important facet of how she supports individuals as leaders, facilitates groups and works with teams as a systemic coach.


“Amazing coaching, unparalleled by anything I've received before because of the quality of questions and Lisa's ability to be deeply connected to my thought process.” CJ, Head of Leadership Capability, Government agency

“When I first started working with Lisa I felt completely stuck.  I was unhappy at work, felt like I was neglecting my children, and couldn’t see a way forward.  Through working with Lisa I was able to identify what was really important to me.  Lisa helped me to realise that I did have choices and I have now started a new job.  I feel like I know myself again and the fog has lifted.  I’m confident that I can go forward without Lisa’s help, but it’s good to know that coaching can really work. It goes without saying that I think Lisa is pretty fantastic!” AS, University Lecturer 

 “Lisa has helped me to understand myself and in doing so to work out what is important in my life. All the way through the coaching process I feel she’s guided me, challenged me when I needed it and she’s also celebrated me and my achievements.  The epitome of a ‘coach’! She’s kept me focused on what it is I want to achieve in life, when it’s so easy for me to get distracted by everyday ups and downs.” JM– TV producer.