Lisa is a certified co-active coach, facilitator and systemic team coach. She helps people to make more of a difference at work - to fully utilise their creative potential, improve relationships, feel more motivated and purpose-led.  A former team leader herself, she operates well at different levels to illuminate people’s motivations and talents, build new self-awareness and help them engage better with others.


Lisa began her early career in publishing, working in a range of marketing and editorial roles which later developed into a wider interest in Corporate Communications and organisational change. In 2000 she joined the Government Communications Service first in marketing and then senior internal and change communication roles in three major departments where she led strategies to embed new departmental values, change communication and engagement programmes. In 2010 she left the civil service and began her formal coach training. Lisa now works independently as an executive and career coach, facilitator and team coach. Her clients are business leaders, career shifters, partnerships and teams across the creative, educational and professional services sectors.


A particular passion and focus for Lisa’s personal coaching practice is to support and inspire women to build their confidence and make the most of their talents at work. Her systemic training and interest in creating productive relationships enables her to work with individual clients in the wider context of the human systems in which they operate.

Personal Style

Lisa has a warm and approachable style, creating a safe and open space for clients to stretch into their talents and explore their emotional range. She enjoys working creatively and with intuition, challenging clients to try out new aspects of themselves, build on their strengths, and work through barriers.  

“The marvellously skilled facilitation that accompanied the sessions helped each one of us to better understand each other and create a common language with tools and techniques that not only benefited me, as an individual, and the SMT members, but the entire organisation as well. She brought clarity to discussions and supported individuals to discover the best course of action for themselves.” 


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