We offer a personal coaching service called YourSelf, designed to support you in truly showing up as the whole you, at work and in life.

In today’s busy and high pressured world, it is easy to lose sight of our very own core. In doing so, we sleep walk our way in to new relationships, new jobs and new experiences without ever taking the time to stop and reflect on what we truly want.

Together we will explore what lights you up, what the difference is that you want to make and what is unique about the very best version of YourSelf.

We will also look at what holds you back. What are the stories you are telling yourself that keep you playing small? What parts of YourSelf are hidden or abandoned?

 We will get clear about your vision, incorporating clear and resonant goals and objectives. And then we’ll support you in stepping in to that vision and choosing a life in which you truly show up - consciously and authentically.


The first thing you will do is to choose a coach. We know it is important to work with someone with whom you have a deep connection. We therefore offer you the choice of our coaches, and two free 30 minute sample sessions. 

Once you embark on your 1:1 coaching relationship, there are some extras that you get as part of the YourSelf community. We believe that choosing a purposeful, authentic and fulfilling life is, to a large extent, counter cultural. Not everyone is making this choice with their lives. And because of this, you’re going to need help. You are not making the easy decisions here.

We will support you with ongoing email support as required between your sessions. You will receive tailored content to inspire and motivate you. And we also have a private Facebook group for you to reach out and support one another in the YourSelf community. Finally, we offer frequent conferences and workshops which you will hear about first and get priority discount codes for.

Please contact us to find out more, choose your coach and set up your chemistry sessions.


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