Iain Christie AC DWF 

Iain is an accredited mediator, certified coach and professional Imago and Daring WayTM Facilitator.  He has worked in central government in the UK and internationally and has industry experience in the legal and media sectors.  His training as a professional actor also equips him to teach effective communication and performance skills useful for presentations, business development and leadership roles.


Iain began his career in law, first as a barrister in HM Diplomatic Service, representing the UK before the European Court of Human Rights and in treaty negotiations at the United Nations and Council of Europe.  He moved from the Foreign Office to private practice in 2000 and joined the leading media law chambers 5RB.  In addition to acting for and against the press in a number of high profile cases he co-founded the leading textbook on The Law of Privacy and the Media.  He now practises as a mediator in family, workplace and commercial disputes in addition to pursuing a career as a professional actor.


Iain’s specialism is in conflict resolution both in respect of specific disputes which have led to a break-down in relationship and also in respect of inner conflict which hinders our ability to lead productive, harmonious and joyful lives.  He facilitates courageous conversations between individuals, groups and within ourselves.   

Personal Style

Iain models a courageous and confident leadership style, with the empathy, authority and compassion required to allow people to be vulnerable and authentic. His primary focus is on creating a safe space in which this can happen and, in equal measure, to find creative and spontaneous ways of expressing ourselves. 

“I asked Iain to work with a leadership team seeking to find a new way of working together. He took them right to the edge of their comfort zone, and beyond, using deep reflective listening, validation and empathy. He held this space for half a day, with consistency and calm, deeply challenging and profoundly effective. They still cite it as a seminal moment in their awareness of their challenge and aspirations as a team, and their understanding of themselves as individuals in that team.”


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