Harriet Minter CPCC 

Harriet is both a leading journalist and qualified co-active coach, using the skills she's acquired in both these professions to bring a mix of specialist knowledge, curiosity and humour to her work. She is passionate about changing the way we work, moving us from a world full of cookie-cutter employees to a business culture that allows everyone to bring their full selves to work and be appreciated for them.


Harriet began her career working for a tech startup way back in the early days of the digital boom, learning how to build a business from scratch, what brings communities together both online and in real life, and the importance of bringing an iterative approach to her work. After five years she moved to the Guardian, launching first their editorial product, Professional Networks, building their team from nothing to over 100 people; and then founding the ‘Women in Leadership’ section of the Guardian.com, focused on the issue of gender in the workplace. It was through this that she became interested in how we create more inclusive workplaces and what motivates us all, regardless of gender, to achieve our best. Having worked with some amazing co-active coaches, Harriet decided to train in the model herself and is now a qualified co-active coach, splitting her time between journalism and coaching. 


Her experience as the editor of ‘Women in Leadership’ has resulted in Harriet working with many companies looking to improve their gender balance. She brings to this her passion for inclusivity and self-determination, believing that when we all feel comfortable to be ourselves - we all have the potential to become truly great leaders. In particular, she loves working with people stepping up to leadership roles, helping them abandon any impostor syndrome and truly take on their new role. 

Personal Style

Harriet's training as a journalist means she's always curious and wanting to learn more. She brings humour, honesty and challenge to all her work, believing that we don't get to the truth unless we're prepared to ask the difficult questions but knowing this is only possible when we create a safe and warm atmosphere. 

“Harriet was incredibly inspiring, full of practical advice, mechanisms and tools to help in our career and busy lives. She captivated the team and engaged the whole group.”  


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