Hannah Massarella CPCC 

Hannah is a self-compassion, burn-out and stress management expert. Hannah has worked with clients in both the not for profit and corporate sectors, she has a calm, honest style that allows clients to really open up and find their way back to themselves.  


Hannah burnt out whilst working in the charity sector. She realised once leaving that there was little by way of wellbeing and self-reflection support within the sector, despite often having to work with emotionally challenging cases of conflict and violence. She decided it was her mission to bring coaching and self-development techniques back into the industry. Hannah now delivers 1:1 coaching, resiliency building workshops and cultural change programmes to a variety of organisations, finding the need for such interventions arising in both charity and corporate settings.


Hannah specialises in resiliency building and advocates the notion that self-care is a priority not a luxury especially when carrying out challenging work. Hannah promotes coaching as an emotional, spiritual and intellectual form of self-care. She also facilitates workshops on stress signals, finding focus, perfectionism, boundaries and self-management, digital detoxing and courageous conversations, and has delivered such sessions both in the charity sector, and in the corporate sector at organisations like Maxus, Mindshare, MGOMD and Omnicom. Hannah is a great coach for anyone who has lost sight of who they really are due to ongoing demands either at work or at home, bringing clients back to themselves in a safe and powerful way.

Personal style

Hannah is an introvert, and so is naturally able to discuss deep concerns and issues with people. Hannah is also highly intuitive and has an ability to connect clients to how they feel about a topic rather than what their ‘chimp chatter’ might indicate. Hannah welcomes slow, quiet reflection where it is called for in order for people to connect with their own intuition. 

“I was in a panicked and sorry state when I knocked on the door of The Hobbs Consultancy. Hannah really understood me and helped me unlock the areas causing me problems and doubt. Through the sessions I banished gremlins and found new positive approaches to who I really am. It wasn't about an identikit solution. Such an incredible and valuable journey and I can't thank Hannah enough.”


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