Supporting women through key inflection points is critical in achieving greater gender diversity in leadership positions.

 I use the Co-Active model which is designed to shift perspective and mindset so as to enable the coachee to step into powerful ways of viewing themselves, their role, and others. When coachees then go on to interact with their teams from this perspective and mindset, others begin to think more creatively, act with greater clarity and confidence, and contribute to a workplace that is more alive, engaged, and fulfilling.

Executive Coaching - Female leadership

The move from mid-management to leadership is a transition that many women find challenging. They often have no great female role models, and may have a different leadership style from the one they see being modelled at a senior level.

This executive coaching is aimed at women whose next step in their career is in to a management position. I help women find their authentic leadership voice, build their confidence and work with them to acknowledge their limiting beliefs and behaviours. This coaching package runs closely alongside their in house objective setting and appraisal process. Coaching at this level is successful as it delivers one to one personalized support that can be aligned with the organisation’s development and goals. Identifying and supporting your key talent empower women to move in to management positions and retain them within your business.

It’s best summed up in saying it was the best single hour of developmental work I think I’ve ever had! Considering she’d never met me before and the amount of content I’d asked her to cover in my brief she stretched the hour to touch on each and every part of it as well as give me a lot of food for thought to take away with me. Fantastic.” Head of Dept, media industry, London via NABS Working Parents programme.

Executive Coaching - Maternity

The other transition through which many women leave business is maternity. The demands of juggling home and work can seem overwhelming and many women make the decision to step out completely. I use coaching to help women to understand the full range of choices that are available to them. I help them on a process of self discovery and self awareness. It empowers the coachee to find their own answers, encouraging and supporting them on their chosen career path.

This executive coaching package is aimed at female returners – ideally starting prior to leaving for maternity leave and then in the run up to and first weeks of their return in to the business. This helps them to prepare positively for leaving the business and consequently provides them with support when planning their return and throughout their transition back to the business. The coaching will cover topics such as rebuilding professional confidence, dealing with guilt issues, support with logistics and re-connecting with their working values. Maternity coaching has been proven to improve retention rates which help retains female talent within the organization (Filsinger, 2012). Supporting women through this transition period makes their return to productivity faster and reconnects them with their career goals.

“I am finding this whole process immensely positive, useful and more importantly actionable. I was able to go into my maternity relaxed about work which really allowed me to switch off before the birth of my son and really get my mind focused on the most important thing – his arrival and me becoming a mum! Now he’s here that relaxed feeling has continued, I currently feel confident about my role at … and am not sweating the small stuff. From a personal perspective my maternity leave has allowed me to undertake the most wonderful, challenging, rewarding time of my life and from a professional perspective its allowed me to take a pause and really use the time to think about what type of leader I want to be, what sort of life I want to lead. I am already feeling really energised and excited about my return to work (with the exception of leaving my son) and the difference I can make. I also have a real sense of purpose in wanting to share this experience with other women to encourage others to go on this journey and to ensure that their maternity experiences are as positive as mine currently is. Every single mum we have deserves that. You have truly inspired me and I want to thank you wholeheartedly for that.” FL, Media industry



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