An award-winning wellbeing trainer, Dorit is a professional certified coach (PCC), a co-active coach, a systems coach and a registered ICF mentor coach. From barristers and traders to world-class athletes and women in leadership, Dorit helps people find meaning and purpose at work.


Dorit began her career as an opera singer, and has brought her knowledge of performance and wellbeing into leadership training. Her blend of creativity and business knowledge supports her work in communication and engagement. She has worked in the service industry, in the UK and internationally, creating and managing wellbeing and personal development programmes. Dorit uses her deep understanding of the zone to help international athletes access peak performance in competitive matches.


Dorit has a unique understanding of snap decision making and intuition in business. With a background in mindfulness, event management and performance, Dorit is a regular presenter in the coaching community on body intelligence.

Personal style

Dorit’s background in the performing arts and business gives her a unique perspective. With this knowledge, together with her humour and compassion, she creates a safe space for clients to challenge themselves and explore their full potential as leaders.

“Dorit has been instrumental in helping me find clarity. She asks insightful questions, challenges perceptions and inspires positive change. I wasn't sure what to expect heading into the session but the small changes she recommended have had such a positive effect on my life, both inside work and outside."


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