Derval Chambers-Petit ASC IAPC&M

Derval is an Accredited Senior Coach and Certified Trainer,  specialising in cross-cultural training and emotional intelligence for leaders. Having lived abroad and now raising a bilingual and bicultural family, she is keenly aware of how unconscious bias can impact on the personal and professional wellbeing of others. She is passionate about making a difference for future generations.   In 2016 Derval relocated back to her home country, Ireland, where she continues to deliver coaching and training services to both corporate and private clients supporting people from around the globe in creating their own path to live happier, more fulfilling, purposeful and successful lives, whether on a personal or professional level. 


Derval is an Accredited Senior Coach and Certified Trainer, with a combined experience of 19+ years in Human Resources, Coaching and Training working with over 25 different nationalities. During this time Derval lived and worked in Paris, France for 7 years (2009-2016) where she set up her business as a Coach and Trainer.  Alongside the Cross-Cultural training, Derval is also a Life & Career Coach and a trainer/facilitator in a Life Coaching Diploma and is also a certified practitioner of the Roche Martin ECR (Emotional Capital Report) which focuses on developing and accelerating Emotional Intelligence for leaders. 


Derval has been delivering and specialises in cross cultural training and coaching to Senior Executives in Fortune 500 companies since 2010. She also works in the field of Emotional Intelligence and career coaching, working with clients to thrive in their career and/or to have a meaningful and aligned next career move. 

Personal Style

Authenticity is a core personal and work value of Derval’s and is present in her work with all her clients. She works alongside her clients to help them make positive and meaningful changes in their careers and personal lives that are aligned with who they are and with their core values.

“Derval has a unique way of connecting to clients with a holistic and very humane approach. Her sensitivity and professionalism is what drew me to her practice, and continues to draw me back to consultations when needed.” 


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