Derek Appau ICFACC 

A fully qualified (ICF ACC & Strengthscope accredited) personal development coach.  Derek has made the transition from helping companies raise awareness about their brands and services using media, to helping individuals raise awareness of themselves and what they are capable of achieving in their lives or within the workplace. Passionate about continuous personal development, Derek has embarked on a journey to learn as much as he can on the subject of human potential, peak performance and the psychology of success to enable him to coach emerging talent from diverse backgrounds that want to progress to senior leadership roles.


Derek has worked with a diverse range of clients across the media and advertising sector, helping agencies like MediaCom with clients like Shell and The Metropolitan Police to develop recruitment media strategies which focus on diversity & inclusion.  Derek is able to leverage valuable insights and hands on experience to his coaching services and workshops. As an accredited Strengthscope Practitioner he uses data to create valuable insights to build development plans for individuals.


Derek specialises in nurturing a company's emerging talent as well as creating diverse and inclusive cultures. This is often through bespoke diversity workshops or one to one coaching.  His one to one coaching services are typically called upon to focus on work performance, career transition and well-being.

He also specialises in one to one coaching for high potential, high performing individuals who want to progress into senior leadership roles. He often helps individuals and teams to be authentic at work by understanding their natural workplace strengths and leadership style

Personal Style

Derek has a natural coaching style. He has an innate ability to quickly uncover clients’ values, limiting beliefs, strengths and weaknesses. Derek’s use of powerful, provocative questions and honest observations are combined with motivation and genuine support at all times. The process is strategic, yet organic, resulting in an actionable plan that achieves your goals.

“I asked Derek to be my life coach when I was lost in my and struggled with finding the way out and forward. I chose him because I felt I could trust him and, what was also very important for me at the time, as a Polish woman in London in the middle of the Brexit storm, I hoped he would understand how it is not to fit. Derek fully embraced the complexity of my situation. After only 6 sessions I rediscovered myself, gained a lot of self-confidence and became much more positive and calmer.”


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