Conflict resolution

A half or full day workshop for those who wish to develop the skills for resolving conflict in their personal and professional lives. We believe that conflict is inevitable in organisations, and a key part of the D&I journey. It also presents an opportunity for new learnings about ourselves and others. The ways in which conflict is resolved are key to productivity, individual and corporate growth and personal well-being. The core practices associated with conflict resolution are: expressing our needs and wants cleanly and clearly, listening to what is and isn’t said, understanding others without judgment, resilience and creative thinking. These practices can all be taught and are covered in the workshop. The learning can be deepened and specific action plans developed through follow-up conflict coaching. 

Creating a coaching culture

Coaching is a core part of what we believe can deliver our mission to create a more inclusive workplace. It is through coaching that individuals can work out what their authentic self is, what keeps them playing small and how they can be more courageous in their professional lives. In Creating a Coaching Culture, a 2014 Institute for Corporate Productivity report, it says, “If done well, coaching can elevate the productivity and performance of every individual in the organization. And there is a significant correlation between having a strong coaching culture and market performance.” A coaching culture is one in which people are routinely listened to, different opinions are actively sought out and where people ask questions more than they provide answers.

Leaders are happy to be seen as not having the answers and, instead of the modelling the ‘all knowing leader’, are comfortable being vulnerable, authentic and needing support. Failure is seen as a sign that teams have tried and pushed the boundaries in a quest for creativity and innovation. Because failure is accepted as part of this process, time is spent questioning and analysing what happened so that people can truly learn from the failure and embed the insights into future behaviours. This is a 6 month programme in which we upskill a number of coaching ambassadors who can champion and role model the behavioural change you want to see in the organization. 

Introduction to coaching and mentoring

If a long term, behavioural change project isn’t possible, then we also offer a half day workshop designed to introduce line managers to coaching and mentoring. This workshop uses a coaching style to work through the benefits of coaching and mentoring, considers the role of mentoring in tackling unconscious bias and creating opportunities for different groups and teaches some basic coaching skills, (listening, questioning, staying out of judgement, empathy, GROW model).


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