Unconscious bias workshop

Agency wide training, particularly suitable for those making decisions about recruitment and promotion. This training starts with a discussion about the business case for D&I; How could your workplace and business be better if it were more diverse and inclusive? The second part of the training is all about our own unconscious biases. We might not be sexist or racist but we certainly operate from a place of bias. We explain what this is, and that it is a universal human trait, before doing the Harvard implicit bias test in the training room. After debriefing that, we conclude with a discussion about the actions the people in the room are going to take as a result of their learnings from the workshop. Ideally, this workshop is bespoke to your organisation with input in part 1 (what are the key challenges here) and part 3 (what we are doing to support the D&I agenda). 

Give me more time

A lunch and learn session designed to provoke some different ways of managing your time. We look at Covey’s rocks theory, prioritization, strengths theory and impact. We also explore burn-out culture and the costs of that on productivity, engaging your intuition and well-being. Participants will leave with some practical tools to manage their time more effectively, along with a clear understanding of the importance of paying attention to their own needs.

Recharging for burnt out teams

Teams who care about their work but have been under extended pressure to deliver can burn out. Even a high performing team can find themselves struggling with less creativity, resourcefulness and capacity. The impact on individuals can include anxiety, panic, excessive tiredness, feeling emotionless, increased physical illness, disconnection, helplessness and hopelessness. The cost of symptoms like these are sick leave, high staff turnover and reduced productivity. When we operate from this place we lose connection, the capacity for empathy and neglect to listen. This workshop builds self awareness of the impact of stress, shows how to build understanding and empathetic relationships with other team members and re-connects team members to their original inspiration for their work. The workshop will also encourage team members to collectively prioritise self care, stress and burn-out awareness conversations across the organisation. 


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