Non-exec board sponsorship – currently being piloted with Bloom

We believe that diversity of thought is critical in moving our businesses forwards. It is where the best creative ideas are born, where the most compelling understanding of audiences arises and, evidence suggests, it can even trump conventional education in collaborative problem solving for our new world order (Stephen Frost, The Inclusion Imperative, 2014). The world outside of the agency is certainly moving faster than the world within. Often, in our busy, professional lives, we lack a depth of contact with organisations and people that are different to us – that have different organisational structures, different values and different ambitions. Naturally our experience of the world can be limited – to our geography and to our sector.

We believe that non-exec director roles can open up the breadth of the world in which we work and allow us an understanding of different challenges. The roles are also a great stepping stone into leadership, giving individuals the opportunity to practice engaging at the highest level of an organization, thus preparing for board positions within the marketing world. Finally we find that the marketing industry is losing a lot of talent from early leadership roles, with ‘lack of purpose / fulfilment’ often cited as a key push factor. Contributing at this level can help in creating that purpose and a sense of ‘giving something back’ to the community around us, and, it is our hope, keep some of the best talent with our industry.

This programme provides CV support, relationship brokering, board readiness inductions and coaching over a 6 month period.

Leadership programmes

Individuals are often promoted in organisations because of their specialist skills, rather than because of their management or leadership capabilities. There comes a time when individuals need to stop focusing on getting the day to day things right, and instead start to engage with a vision around what is the right thing to do – whether for themselves, their teams or their companies.

We believe everyone has the capacity to step into their leadership – it comes from a recognition and then an acceptance of responsibility for our circumstances (a direct contrast to being in the perspective of ‘blame’ or ‘victim’). Thus leadership is not necessarily about being in a position of power. Instead it is about grasping your own capability in making a difference to yourself and those around you. There is huge advantage to be gained from harnessing the leadership of those in the middle of organisations, rather than them sitting and waiting to ‘be told’ what to do.

We also believe inclusivity is everyone’s responsibility and that inclusive leadership has the power to transform our industry – making it one that thrives with creativity, connection and innovation, that attracts and retains the best talent and ultimately delivers game changing work for our clients.

Deep self awareness (of values, of purpose and of personal derailers) and external inspiration are required to make this transition, both of which are covered off in this 6 month programme. 


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