Diversity and inclusivity audit

A three stage audit to get to grips with the diversity and inclusivity challenges in your organisation. Stage 1 looks at the numbers (i.e how diverse your organisation is).  Using data we build a picture of what is going on and what your key challenges might be, concluding with a series of hypotheses. Stage 2 goes on to explore these hypotheses in a qualitative way i.e. analysing inclusivity. What are the behaviours and processes in your organisation which have led to this status quo? Finally stage 3 delivers a strategy and recommendations as to how to move your organisation forward. In addition to the stated benefits, we find this a useful exercise to do in mobilising your population behind the need for change.

Public speaking

We deliver industry wide conferences (the first one being HeANDShe) and also can come into your workplace to deliver speaking designed to instigate change. We shine the light on what else could be possible, looking beyond how things are currently done. What could be possible if we stopped our binary thinking about gender? What could be possible if we valued emotion and courageous conversations?  What could be possible if we could overcome imposter syndrome and harness the power of everyone? What could be possible if we could integrate the left and the right brain?  What is the vulnerable leader and what would be different about their impact?


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