Diversity is about ensuring you have enough difference within your organisation so you are set up solve today’s complex business challenges. Inclusivity is valuing the people you have.

We support businesses in creating a culture in which people feel able to show up as themselves, where diversity of thought is valued and where people are cherished. We recognise that creating diverse and inclusive organisations is not necessarily an easy path and we help businesses to navigate this complexity, learning the skills required for everyone to be able to step into their inclusive leadership.

To be a business leader in today’s world, it’s vital that we reflect the society we are serving. To ensure this, Diversity and Inclusion needs to sit at the heart of business strategy. In addition to attracting and retaining the best talent, a more diverse workforce and inclusive environment will also help you to:

  • Attract new clients: a D&I statement will increasingly become part of your business strategy and purpose. Put simply, being clear on your strategy will help you to win business
  • Better understand your audience:having a wider range of experiences within your agency will give you new perspectives, adding more depth to your customer insight
  • Increase productivity: reducing our unconscious biases will help to ensure that we recruit the best talent and an inclusive environment means employees feel valued, which leads to greater productivity.

We want to create a workplace where difference and belonging are so embedded in how we do things that we don't need to keep championing it.

Through a combination of consultancy, 1:1 coaching and group training, we can help you understand your unique challenges and embed alternative approaches and new processes to create a truly inclusive environment, valuing people and talent.


Step 1. Raising awareness

Many of us are now in a place of unconscious incompetence. We don't know what we don't know. Perhaps we believe that we work in a meritocracy. Or we think that, as we read The Guardian, we're good people with a liberal leaning and couldn't possibly be part of the problem.  The first step is to raise consciousness. We provide tools and training so as to drive awareness of the challenge in front of us. This will hold the mirror up to the D&I challenges in your organisation, demonstrate the business case for D&I in your organisation and consider how we might be getting in the way via our own Unconscious Bias.  This is often the most painful step as we find ourselves in conscious incompetence.

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Step 2. Removing barriers

We know we need to do something to remove the structural inequalities facing certain groups but we're unsure where to start.  The next phase is about systematically removing these barriers.  One year we may focus on gender. Another year we may want to do something about social mobility. This phase may take several years to complete as you take a look at the barriers that are in the way for certain groups, and focus on removing them. The Hobbs Consultancy provide programmes, such as parental coaching or our Rising Stars programme, which can support you in your efforts to remove these barriers.

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Step 3. Embedding D&I in our DNA

Once you have changed your processes, you may find yourself in a place of conscious competence. You know how to attract and promote more diverse talent in to your organisation but it is a conscious process. The final step is to move to unconscious competence. This is where D&I is so embedded in your DNA that it isn't a topic anymore. It is a fundamental part of how you recruit, how you lead, how you make promotions and how you come up with ideas. The Hobbs Consultancy's flagship product - Inclusive Leadership - (just one of our products aimed at embedding competence) is about changing the leadership skills at the top of an organisation to be with difference, to understand systems, to transform conflict and to be vulnerable leaders.

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Please visit our specific journey pages for Neurodiversity and Mental Health in the workplace


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