Parental Coaching                                                                    

One of the key inflection points in the female career journey is maternity and it has been proven that we can increase retention rates by supporting women on this journey. Fathers have their own journey and we support them, particularly when taking extended leave. 

We coach parents before, during and after (i.e. total 3 sessions) parental leave to help them navigate this transition.  Line manager support is critical in holding on to employees and so we endeavour to involve the line manager at the start and end of the coaching relationship.  The programme is open to anybody approaching parenthood.

Conflict resolution                                                                   

This workshop is for those who wish to develop the skills for resolving conflict in their personal and professional lives.

We believe that conflict is inevitable in organisations, and a key part of the D&I journey. It also presents an opportunity for new learnings about ourselves and others. The ways in which conflict is resolved are key to productivity, individual and corporate growth and personal well-being. 

The core practices associated with conflict resolution are: expressing our needs and wants cleanly and clearly, listening to what is and isn’t said, understanding others without judgment, resilience and creative thinking. These practices can all be taught and are covered in the workshop. The learning can be deepened and specific action plans developed through follow-up conflict coaching.  


Creating a coaching culture                                       

Coaching is a fundamental part of creating more inclusive workplaces. It is through coaching that individuals can work out what their authentic self is, what keeps them playing small and how they can be more courageous in their professional lives. In Creating a Coaching Culture, a 2014 Institute for Corporate Productivity report, says, “If done well, coaching can elevate the productivity and performance of every individual in the organization. There is a significant correlation between having a strong coaching culture and market performance.” 

During this programme we upskill a number of coaching ambassadors who can both role model and champion coaching, creating a behavioural and cultural shift in your organisation.


Introduction to coaching and mentoring                                                      

If a long term, behavioural change project isn’t possible, then we also offer a workshop designed to introduce line managers to coaching and mentoring. 

This workshop uses a coaching style to work through the benefits of coaching and mentoring, considers the role of mentoring in tackling unconscious bias and creating opportunities for different groups and teaches some basic coaching skills, (listening, questioning, staying out of judgement, empathy, GROW model).


Managing your Maternity Leaver                                         

Research has shown that the line manager is the single most influential factor in a woman's experience of the maternity transition in the workplace.  Whilst this may create pressure, it also raises the possibility that we can train our managers to 'better manage' women through this transition. 

This workshop will call upon The Hobbs Consultancy's experience in supporting women through this transition, along with our coaching expertise and knowledge about communication. We will call out the key challenges women face at each point in the transition - before they leave, whilst they are out of the office and on return.  We will couple this with practical tips and advice which you can use immediately to support the women in your team and zoom in on the matter of communication and the 'communication gap' that occurs once women announce their pregnancy. How can you, as managers, close this gap and encourage a two-way dialogue throughout the process? 


Executive Coaching                                                                 

1:1 coaching can be useful for senior leaders in new roles or those ready to make the step up. It is also useful for those needing support in finding their authentic leadership voice, building their confidence and working with them to acknowledge their limiting beliefs and behaviours.

We offer 1:1 coaching to support individual progress in a way that is aligned with the company objectives.  Together we will agree the objectives for the coaching and design a bespoke plan that involves face to face monthly sessions and a full evaluation at the end. 

Female Leadership programme                                            

Supporting women at key inflection points is critical in achieving greater gender diversity in leadership positions. We offer monthly group work, plus individual coaching sessions designed to support individuals in truly showing up as themselves in work and in life. 

We are still at the stage where the female leadership journey is different to the male leadership journey and therefore still feel there is a requirement for specific female leadership training. This programme is for your female leaders to explore some deep self-awareness (strengths, values, purpose and MBTI type), understand how they are regarded (via the Leadership Circle Profiling tool) and spend time exploring some common challenges on the female leadership journey (e.g. imposter syndrome, perfectionism, people pleasing).


Rising Stars                                        

The Rising Stars workshop accelerates the development of high potential talent from minority groups within the business. By raising awareness on how to maximise natural strengths, the business benefits from a more diverse talent pool who are motivated, energised and able to bring their true self to the workplace.  

Research proves that managers who focus on strengths and natural personalities of team member’s benefit from higher engagement, productivity and performance. Similar research tells us that individuals gain more when they build on their talents or strengths, than when they make comparable efforts to improve their areas of weakness. 

This engaging programme will develop awareness about the benefits to be gained both personally and professionally as a result of adopting a strengths based approach. Participants will engage in a strengths based profiling tool with 360-degree feedback from junior, senior colleagues and stakeholders to identify their main strengths and areas for development. These sessions will create an open and honest environment to deeply discuss, fully understand their unique results and the impact of applying this approach when managing others to collectively reach full potential.     


Daring Greatly™ for Daring Leaders                                    

In this workshop we explore how vulnerability is critical to leadership in the 21st century as we tackle our current uncertain and fast moving world. We reframe courage and resilience in the workplace, examining the armour we often put on as leaders and work through what stops us from truly showing up as our authentic selves. 

This workshop is based on the methodology of research professor & NY Times best-selling author Brené Brown. The course is experiential and covers profound topics with the potential to drive deep transformational change.   Participants will learn tools to let go of the need for certainty and knowing, and instead learn how to embrace uncertainty, risk and emotional exposure to transform their leadership.

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