Start with the Why 

Working with your senior team and/or D&I steering group, we co-create a clear and concise explanation about why a more diverse and inclusive workplace would drive greater success for your business, using your business's language.

The Creative Equals data audit

We provide a comprehensive assessment around three key pillars of ‘Culture’, ‘People’ and ‘Equality’ using diversity filters including gender, BAME, age, social mobility, LGBTQ, neurodiversity and disability.   We review, rate and provide your initial road map around these core pillars, afterwards building out immediate action plans, recommendations and measures to put in place. While we can suggest some quick wins and immediate actions, solutions and actions will come from your own team. We will put you in touch with specialist groups, depending on your requirements.  

Diversity 3.0 workshop (tackling Unconscious Bias) 

This is agency wide training, particularly suitable for those making decisions about recruitment and promotion.

This training starts with a discussion about the business case for D&I; How could your workplace and business be better if it were more diverse and inclusive? The second part of the training is all about our own unconscious biases. We might not be sexist or racist but we certainly operate from a place of bias. We explain what this is, and that it is a universal human trait, before doing the Harvard implicit bias test in the training room. After debriefing that, we conclude with a discussion about the actions the people in the room are going to take as a result of their learnings from the workshop.


Lunch & Learn                                                            

Lunch and learn workshops introduce attendees to subjects which can make a profound impact on their self-awareness, relationships, decision making, efficiency and overall wellbeing. 

  • Mental Health – from taboo to metoo
  • Letting go of perfectionism and comparison
  • Accelerating your career
  • How to lead
  • Resilience,
  • Mindfulness at work
  • Dropping into 'the zone’ 
  • From burnout to badass 
  • How the system of the team works 
  • Denaturing stress
  • The four horseman of the apocalypse, how to spot toxic behaviour and what to do about it.
  • The wisdom of the body
  • Give me more time
  • What a can’t-fail-culture is costing your bottom line


Key note speeches and talks

We deliver industry wide conferences (the first one being HeANDShe), and also come into your workplace to deliver speaking designed to instigate change or deliver keynote speaking at conferences.

Through public speaking we shine the light on what else could be possible, looking beyond the way things are currently done. What could be possible if we stopped our binary thinking about gender? What could be possible if we valued emotion and courageous conversations?  What could be possible if we could overcome imposter syndrome and harness the power of everyone? What could be possible if we could integrate the left and the right brain?  What is the vulnerable leader and what would be different about their impact?

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