“The idea that there is one “normal” or “healthy” type of brain or mind or one “right” style of neurocognitive functioning, is no more valid than the idea that there is one “normal” or “right” gender, race or culture” ~ Nick Walker, Neurocosmopolitanism


We believe that we need to stop pathologising differences such as autism, dyslexia, Dyspraxia and ADHD.  In fact, rather than “suffering from” such conditions, we believe the suffering comes from the perceived need to hide and mask such diagnoses. Moreover, our core belief is that people with brains that are wired differently have huge gifts to bring to the workplace. In an increasingly competitive landscape, innovation is going to come from the edges.


A strategy to widen the diversity and inclusion of any company, must also consider neurodiversity. In the creative and tech industries, evidence is mounting that people who are not neuro-typical are actually over-represented.  However, many of these people are ‘masking’ and ‘hiding’.  A neurodiversity strategy will drive awareness of the gifts these people bring to the workplace, an awareness of their strengths and challenges and build confidence across the whole system to support them to show up as themselves.  It would also be remiss of us not to mention the mental health challenges associated with ‘masking’ and how an inclusive culture can feed in to your overall well-being programmes.


We use the same D&I journey (see above) to support the creation of a neurodiverse workplace and have designed four specific products.

"We have to welcome, accommodate and support a wider range of ‘normal’, and only then will we benefit from the extraordinary difference these diverse minds can bring" ~ Roxanne Hobbs


Raising consciousness via public speaking - Unleashing the Power of Neurodiversity talk.

As founder of The Hobbs Consultancy, Roxanne has championed diversity and inclusion in the advertising and marketing industry since 2011. She is the author of Diverted - her own personal journey from being blindsided by her son's diagnosis through to being a champion of neurodiversity.  She has spoken at the IAB Leadership summit and at Adweek about this topic and co-founded the advertising industry's first conference for Neurodiversity - #diverseminds. 

In this talk, Roxanne will talk about her Neurodiversity journey - how the topic landed unexpectedly on her radar, the challenges that meant for her personally and professionally, through to where she is now as an active champion for the power of differently wired brains in our industry. 

“Your talk and time with us was amazing – the honesty you talk with and the vulnerability you share during your story was so powerful.” Joanne Payne, HR and Talent Director, Clear Channel



Removing barriers –  Coaching neurodiversity workshop for line managers

A two-hour bolt on to existing manager programmes which provides information and practical learning about neurodiversity for managers. This session will explain the neurodiversity movement and teach about the different types of neurodiversity in the workplace - ensuring managers have the language to be able to communicate with confidence. We will consider a strengths’ based approach to line management and how they can coach people who aren’t neurotypical with confidence and understanding.


Removing barriers –  Coaching for neurodiversity (self-identified)

Our certified exec coaches have an appreciation of neurodiversity and how to support those that aren’t neurotypical in the workplace.  In this monthly coaching programme to support those that self-identify as being non-neurotypical, we will support individuals to explore their purpose and strengths, build confidence and also break down the stories they have told themselves about their diagnoses since childhood.


Removing barriers –  Recruitment for neurodiversity workshop for HR & Hiring Managers

In this workshop, we explore the strengths of a neurodiverse approach and how current recruitment processes may alienate those that are neurodivergent.  What perspective shifts can we make so as to support a more diverse workplace? How can we convince our stakeholders? What changes to our process do we need to make? How can we ensure the changes benefit everyone? HR and Hiring Managers will leave with guidelines and actions on how to approach the management of neurodiverse talent. This is also available built into an expanded Diverse Recruitment workshop.

For more information on any of these services please contact roxanne@thehobbsconsultancy.com

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