Joanna Wood

Jo believes in loving kindness as a force for good and her travels in Africa and Asia have kindled a deep desire to help create a fairer, more loving and peaceful world. Coaching creates transformation in individuals that, in turn, has a transformational effect on the world around us, both at home and at work. The ripples going ever outwards.

Jo believes that each of us is born inherently good. As we grow up we gather a set of beliefs and behaviours, some of which are helpful and others not so much. Coaching helps us to become self-aware and gives us perspective. It helps us make conscious choices about who we want to BE. We are, after all, Human Beings, not Human Doings.

Jo uses her intuition and insight to gently (and sometimes fiercely) help you to realise your full potential and become the best version of yourself at work and at play. She will help you get in touch with your own inner wisdom and values and to access your creativity. You will feel a deeper relationship and connection with yourself and with those around you.

Jo is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach and she has also completed CTI’s year-long Leadership Program in the US. Jo’s work is informed by her own personal journey which includes surviving breast cancer and walking the path of deep family tragedy. Her understanding of the mind-body connection and our body’s infinite wisdom, together with her personal practices in yoga, mindfulness, meditation and spirituality all help to inform Jo’s coaching.


“I was looking to work with a Coach to help me to develop my self-awareness and get the most I can out of my life. I wanted to work with a CTI Co-Active trained coach as I find the style of coaching energising and motivating! When I was contacting coaches, I found Jo very approachable and insightful, and she showed real energy and interest in working with me. I’ve worked with Jo for a few months now and am really finding that our sessions are enabling me to take a different perspective on life and push through changes in my life that I wouldn’t otherwise be able or ready to see, or do! My relationships with those closest to me are benefiting and I’m certainly making more courageous choices with what I do. I would recommend Jo without hesitation; her enthusiasm and energy, and belief in her clients, has made a real difference to me.”  - Debbie S.

"I’ve changed many things in my life in the past year and Jo’s coaching has been hugely helpful with that.  From career to relationships to outlandish adventures, Jo has really helped me to clarify what I want and what’s important – and, crucially, what’s not. Her approach is incredibly warm and open.  Even when I feel really stuck she helps me to see the bigger picture, while simultaneously getting more in touch with myself.  There’s a really spiritual element to Jo’s coaching, in a very light and natural way.  She’s a wonderful coach, warm, funny and insightful.  I’d recommend her to anyone – particularly anyone who wants to get more in touch with themselves and their potential." - N.H.