Hilary Lees CPCC ACC

Hilary is a certified co-active coach, public speaker and trainer. She helps people to overcome overwhelm and manage the demands of their roles; embrace self-care and balance; harness their unique gifts and talents; build their leadership capabilities and hone their authentic leadership style so they can make a difference and thrive in their work. She supports all clients to find meaning and purpose, manage career transitions; navigate complex change and build their resilience and resourcefulness so they can achieve their full potential.  


After a career change from Chartered Accountancy, Hilary spent twenty years working as an occupational therapist, in both clinical and leadership roles, in a variety of mental health services. Her specialism in workplace mental health had her developing and leading a service to support people who were recovering from stress and burn out, and had lost sight of themselves in the process; alongside educating their employers in how best to support their colleagues’ mental health in the workplace. In 2011 she began her professional coach training and now works independently as an Executive and Career Coach, Public Speaker and Trainer.  Her clients range from senior executives; middle managers and emerging leaders; to mothers negotiating the maternity transition and people navigating career crossroads from across the creative, public and private sectors.


Informed by her background Hilary is passionate about enabling clients to overcome stress and overwhelm and bring out their natural creativity and resourcefulness so they can fulfil their potential and thrive at work. She particularly likes helping people transform their mindsets; to overcome limiting and imposter beliefs and build their confidence so they can step up and take on new challenges in the workplace, especially during particularly vulnerable times such as the maternity transition, following an illness or during organisational change.

Personal style

Hilary blends powerful, challenging coaching with her warm, engaging style and her clients say she brings both energy and intellect to her work, find her grounded and easy to talk to, and have described her as calm, compassionate, positive and perceptive. 

“Hilary ‘walks alongside' and delivers powerful coaching; she creates a calm and assured space and is ready with lots of tools, techniques, and insightful questions to break through different situations.  Her coaching really was such a catalyst for me; I was somewhat at a crossroads with my career and Hilary helped me, in a short space of time, to focus and be clear and confident about my next steps."


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