HeANDShe Conference 2017

The world is moving too fast for men and too slow for women.

Our next debate is planned for June 2017. What does the disconnect in our experiences mean for the relationships between men and women? As we see a worrying drop off in the academic achievement of white, less affluent boys, is it our boys' futures we should be worrying about? Or is relating our society's inequalities to gender a lazy reduction and over simplification? Featuring Rebecca Asher – author of Man Up.

In the meantime, if you have any questions please contact: Emma Batchelor | emma@thehobbsconsultancy.com 


Read Roxanne's article in the Drum about 'What's next for masculine leadership?'

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The HeANDShe Conference is designed to explore the concepts of masculine and feminine leadership Rox addresses in a recent Drum article.

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