Inclusive Leadership Programme

Our flagship programme challenges your leaders to drop their armoury in the workplace, to role model authenticity and to create trusting teams in which people feel safe to contribute with all the wealth of their unique experience.  We strongly encourage emerging leaders to be a part of this cohort as this will model diversity of approach in the room, along with supporting their acceleration into senior positions.


Inclusive line management                           

Inclusivity is about valuing people and supporting them to show up as themselves.  To drive sustainable change, these skills need to be embedded in how we manage our people. 

This series of sessions has been designed to support line managers as we endeavour to build a more diverse and more inclusive workplace.  We deliver a different module each month, so that the topic stays top of mind and participants get the chance to practice and circle back with questions. The programme will be built around your needs as a business and might include subjects such as: ‘Understanding yourself and your management style’, ‘The performance review process’ and ‘Building trust and high performing teams’.


Rising Strong™ - creating entrepreneurial cultures that learn from failure                                      

Rising Strong teaches a process through which participants can pick themselves back up again when they haven’t succeeded.  It is those that know that, if they fail, they can rise again (with learning and grace) that are able to be the bravest with their lives. 

Many forward-thinking companies are embracing an entrepreneurial culture and belief in the necessity of failure.  Put simply, how can we put forward the bravest, most forward thinking ideas if we are terrified of what failure means for us? On an individual level, many of us aren’t equipped with the tools to navigate personal and professional struggles. When we fail, rather than see it as a function of having dared greatly, we make up that we are a failure and that we aren’t good enough. 


Non-executive board sponsorship                              

We believe that non-exec director roles can open up the breadth of the world in which we work and allow us an understanding of different challenges. The roles are a great stepping stone into leadership, giving individuals the opportunity to practice engaging at the highest level of an organisation, thus preparing for board positions within the marketing world. In this programme we will work with participants on a 1:2:1 basis, supporting them over a number of months, in the process of securing a position as a non-exec, in areas such as developing their board profile, scoping and research of prospective boards, brokering introduction to the charity and ongoing support and due diligence during their courtship.

Corporate Consultancy                                                                                                                      

We offer support to agencies as they seek to clarify and execute their diversity and inclusivity strategy.

In practice this means one-on-one time with Roxanne Hobbs, the founder of THC, to discuss D&I in your organisation. Roxanne can bring her wealth of experience to support you in identifying & tackling your D&I corporate & cultural challenges. For example - job specs, support in setting up a D&I steering group, creating an inspirational event calendar and strategic support at a company vision level.

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