Diversity is being asked to the party.  Inclusivity is being asked to dance”.

We provide products (coaching, public speaking, training facilitation and consultancy) which support business transformation via inclusivity.

We support individuals in showing up as their authentic selves in the workplace.

 We support businesses in creating a culture in which people feel able to show up as themselves, where diversity of thought is valued and where people are cherished.  We recognize that creating diverse and inclusive organisations is not necessarily an easy path and help businesses to navigate this complexity, learning the skills required for everyone to be able to step in to their inclusive leadership.

We are different from other D&I consultancies in that we have a fresh, modern and paradigm shifting approach.  We don’t focus on categorizing and quantitative measuring – although we recognize we are operating in a paradigm of ‘what measured gets done’, and that measurement can of the current status quo can provide a strong impetus to act.  We focus on inclusivity, people feeling valued, leaders doing their own internal work and the nuances of inclusive cultures. 

Rather than lecturing on why you should do this, we speak to the business case and the personal fulfilment case.

We believe that the world is changed via conversation.

We believe that focusing on women (or other ‘minority’ groups in the workplace) is the antithesis of inclusivity and that we should be creating a corporate culture in which everyone can show up as themselves and be valued for that.

We increasingly believe that the most important things that will move us forwards in this arena are very difficult to measure e.g. empathy, authenticity, feeling like you belong



We have put together a Diversity and Inclusivity toolkit designed to support companies in creating a more diverse and inclusive workplace. 

We offer executive coaching at key inflection points, namely maternity and the step up in to leadership.

We offer consultancy within organisations to understand their individual inclusivity challenges and work with them towards strategy and action for change.

A highly experiential methodology, based on the research of Brené Brown, developed to help men and women show up, be seen, and live braver lives.

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